Holyoke Tours 2022

There will be a busy tour series for the year 2022. Check back often for additions and more information.

2022 Holyoke Massachusetts guided tours and presentations —FREE and OPEN to the public. Keep checking back since information will change. Presented by Robert Comeau except for the garden tour. The overall theme of the 2022 tours will be Olmsted Parks of Holyoke. Sign up at Eventbrite for most of these tours. The Holyoke Preservation Trust is the host for most of the events.

Holyoke Canal Walking Tour – 7th annual walk along the first and second level canals

Holyoke’s Third Level Canal Walking Tour

Holyoke Canal System Bicycle Riding Tour

Highlands Park Walking Tour

Pulaski Park

Elmwood Park Walking Tour

Northern High Street Walking Tour

Brightside Walking Tour

Fairfield Avenue Walking Tour

Holyoke City Hall Inside and Out

Sacred Heart Church and its Neighborhood Walking Tour

Gateway City Arts and the Canal District Tour and Dine

Holyoke Heritage Trail

Holyoke Heritage State Park and the Canal Walkway Tour

Chicopee Canal Walking Tour

Holy Name of Jesus Church and Neighborhood Walking Tour

Springdale Park Walking Tour

Ashley Reservoir Walking Tour

Whiting Street Reservoir Walking Tour

Veterans Park