Veteran’s Park of Holyoke

Stop 1 – Veteran’s Park

Stop 2 – Civil War Memorial

The Civil War Memorial honors those that died in that war that lived in Holyoke. Thomas Holman the second one down on the eastern side is the only one buried in Holyoke. The rest are buried at the war sites.

Stop 3 – Congressional Medal of Honor

John MacKenzie, Raymond Beaudoin, and Joseph Muller are the three Congressional Medal of Honor men from Holyoke. Raymond Beaudoin is buried in South Hadley, Joseph Muller is buried in Hawaii, and John MacKenzie is the only one buried in Holyoke.

Stop 4 – Fire Station

The Holyoke Fire Central Station was at that location for many decades.

Stop 5 – Saint Jerome’s Society

The Saint Jerome Total Abstinence, Mutual, Benevolent, and Literary Society was near this corner. It still stands but with facade greatly changed.

Stop 6 – World War 2 Memorial

Stop 7 – Holyoke Post Office

The Holyoke Post Office has been here since the 1930s. It was made as a WPA project.

Stop 8 – Immaculate Conception of Notre Dame School

The Notre Dame School was started in 1868 along Hampden Street. A new structure was built along Chestnut Street in 1886.

Stop 9 – Saint Jerome Church

The Saint Jerome parish was started in 1858. It burnt to the ground in 1934 and was rebuilt.