Maple Grove Cemetery

The Maple Grove Cemetery in Chicopee is the third oldest cemetery in the city. Take this walking tour to view this great cemetery.

stop 1 – cemetery gates

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When this cemetery started in 1836 it was called the Cabotville Burial Ground. In 1878 it changed to Maple Grove Cemetery. The Grape Street Primary School is seen at the top of Auburn Street. It was built in 1861.

stop 2 – Elisha Bullens

Notice the very many family plots in this cemetery. Many have raised ground around the family plot. Also many have iron railings around the family plot. There is a good chance that the many iron railings are due to the Ames Mill being nearby. The Bullens family plot is a good example of the use of the iron railings. Note also the raised ground around many of the family plots. This might be a nice touch but after a century it will lead to many overturned gravestones due to increased solifluction in the soil. In 1978 about 60 thousand dollars was spent on fixing the cemetery but now it is getting back to its former state.

stop 3 – Mosman family

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The Mosman family lived in the two homes on Grape Street directly behind the gravestone. They also lived in the house directly across Grape Street from there two houses. Silas was a blacksmith at the Ames Mill. His grandson Melzar Mosman was a sculpture of Civil War monuments around Massachusetts.

stop 4 – James Ames

The Grape Street School aka the Valentine School is directly behind the James Ames gravestone. James Ames and his brother Nathan brought the Ames Company to Chicopee.

stop 5 – Mary Bates

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Mary Bates has her gravestone embedded into a tree. Fine example of what NOT to do to keep a cemetery looking good. This is however what happens to items left near trees for a long time.

stop 6 – L E Roy

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Not much is known about this plot. It seems to be for a single burial and at that for a person named L E Roy. The name L E Roy appears on the front bottom, the front middle, and the back middle.

The iron fencing is very close to the burial. The fence being around a single burial is a sign that they were attempting to stop graves robbers. See this LINK for a wonderful story on grave robbing. I do not now of any medical school that were nearby so it is not known why this is so closely guarded.

stop 7 – John Chase

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John Chase was the agent in charge of the Cabotville Canal including getting the canal, dam, housing, and mills built. He was also the agent in charge of the Holyoke Canal System including getting the canal, dam, housing, and mills built. His large obelisk is still in place and in great shape but his small tombstone is fallen.

stop 8 – Alton Phillips

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Alton Phillips was a Civil War soldier from the North who died during the course of the war from his injuries. He died the 4th of May 1863 in Culpeper, Virginia.

stop 9 – Chapin

Look at the burial location of the Chapin stone. Thus this is a cenotaph.

stop 10 – John Spier

John Spier is buried in the potter’s field section of the cemetery. There are three repaired stones in this fashion in this cemetery.

stop 11 – Nathan Ames

The brothers Nathan and James Ames came to Chicopee to start their factory. The Ames Mill produced cannons and swords.

Some of the other families that have fence around their lots are Wardwell, Streeter, Smith, Howard and Ball, Cutler and Brown and Meade, Miller, Burnett, Charter, Merrick, Brigham, Taylor, Babcock and Jacobs, Phillips, and Denison.

stop 12 – neighborhood

This cemetery is near Springfield Street which is a very historic street in Chicopee. Follow my other tours in this area of Chicopee.

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Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1896 map

Sanborn 1902 map

Sanborn 1910 map shows the Grape Street School along with the Robinson School and Valentine School

Sanborn 1915 map

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