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See my tour booklet page HERE.

Private Tours

If you have a group that wants a tour of any site that I have done in the past or present, then please contact me using the Contact page on this web site.  For non-profits, tours are low cost but you need to provide the bus unless it is walking.

For private groups, tour leader will be paid and transportation is needed unless it is walking.  I can change the trip to suit the group.  There are many possible stops to take on any given tour. Charges for the tour leader are $25 per hour for one person and $5 per hour for each additional person.

  • Reservoir, streets, bridges, and canals tours are 2 hours long.
  • Parks, churches, and cemeteries are 1 hour long.
  • Elmwood Park of Holyoke is a 2-hour long tour on the streets.
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1 h$25$30$35$40$45$50$55$60
2 h$50$60$70$80$90$100$110$120
3 h$75$90$105$120$135$150$165$180

Indoor Presentations

number of people1-2021-4041-6061-8081-100101-120121-140141-160
1 h$80$100$120$140$160$180$200$220
2 h$120$140$160$180$200$220$240$260
3 h$160$180$200$220$240$260$280$300

Most topics require only one hour of presentation time. You will have to supply the room. All organization is done by the group.

Gift certificates are available and will make a great Christmas or birthday present.

If you want me to make a tour or presentation of a subject around Hampshire or Hampden County for you or a group from scratch, that it is possible. Write to me about the topic and I will get back with a quote. Obviously, some topics will take a lot of time and thus will mean a lot of money.


If you want to be a patron of my ventures in Holyoke history, then I have a paypal account that you pay into. Contact me via the CONTACT page.