Brightside Neighborhood of Holyoke

Brightside was a creation of Saint Jerome’s Church in Holyoke. You can read much more about this church at the LINK.

stop 1 – Mont Marie Cemetery

Enter here and read the description just above at the link.

stop 2 – Mont Marie (Sisters of Saint Joseph)

The Sisters of Saint Joseph have a long history in Holyoke. They are an international order of nuns. In Western Massachusetts they started out in Springfield. Their motherhouse was in Springfield from the 1880s to the 1960s. Mont Marie was their summer house. During the late 1960s a new Mont Marie structure was built here and this location became their motherhouse.

stop 3 – Calvary Cemetery of the Sisters of Providence

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stop 4 – Providence Hospital Cemetery for Babies

stop 5 – Brightside Honor Roll

Brightside had many inhabitants during its existence. Many of them served in the world wars that engulfed Europe in the 1900s. The Brightside Honor Roll was made to honor the military men from Brightside that served America. There are many names on the two boards. They are in alphabetical order with A to H on the left side. The names which have stars after them are the men that died due to either WW1 or WW2. There is a nice statue of St Vincent de Paul in the middle of the two.

stop 6 – Providence Hospital

The Charity House of Providence started in South Hadley on Crescent Lane. That building is still there.

It moved to Dwight Street in Holyoke at the corner of Dwight and Elm. They remained there for about 90 years.

Then it ended up in the Brightside Neighborhood. The hospital was served by the Sisters of Providence.

stop 7 – Bethlehem Infants’ Home

The Bethlehem Foundling Home was built in the very early 1900s as a home for children under 2 years old. It was remade in 1907 after a fire. It is one of the few building left in the Brightside or Ingleside area.

stop 8 – Holy Family Chapel

The Holy Family Chapel was started to serve the people in the Brightside and Ingleside area. Brightside extends into West Springfield so many people from West Springfield attend Sunday mass at the Holy Family Chapel. The chapel had 4 pastors during its existence. They are listed in the grid below.

John Daley1904 to 1919unknown
Francis Lahey1920 to 1938unknown
Henry Sullivan1939 to 1948unknown
Raymond O’Brien1950 to 1970unknown

stop 9 – Holy Family School and Orphanages

The orphanages in the Brightside or Ingleside area were made for the children of Holyoke. The girls had a orphanage called the Mont Saint Vincent Asylum. The boys had an orphanage called Brightside. Youngsters under two years of age had the Bethlehem Foundling Home. Children in the first two orphanages needed a school to attend and that was the Holy Family School – a Catholic school with the Sisters of Providence as teachers.

stop 10 – Beaven Kelly Home for Aged Men

The first 10 stops were for the actual walking tour and you could enter the cemeteries and get close to the buildings. The next 5 stops (stops 11 to 15) are on private property and cannot be approached. They are gone anyway so there is not much to see but a lot to discuss.

stop 11 – Sisters of Providence Motherhouse

The Sisters of Providence of St Vincent de Paul served in many locations around the Connecticut River Valley. When they served an institution that would have a convent nearby to house themselves. This was a decent arrangement but having a motherhouse was better. In 1930 they finally had a motherhouse built for themselves. It is located down Gamelin Road in the Brightside neighborhood. Near the corner of their Brightside motherhouse there was erected a statue for Catherine Horan who was the first mother superior for the Holyoke order. You met her back at the Calvary Cemetery for the Sisters of Providence. Great woman with a fitting memorial for her.

stop 12 – Brightside

Brightside was the name of a farm along the West Springfield and Holyoke border. That name Brightside was the name taken on by the orphanage for boys.

stop 13 – Ingleside Neighborhood

Ingleside has undergone dramatic changes over the last 200 years. It started out as being farmland and then a series of orphanages and motherhouses. Then in 1979 the Holyoke Mall moved into the area.

stop 14 – City Farm

The city farm of Holyoke was located where the

stop 15 – Mount Saint Vincent Girls’ Home