There are many points to stop at along the Holyoke Canal System.  Click on a destination below to get to its description page.

Stop Map Destination Google Map  Destination Map
A Pulaski Park Maple Street  map A
B Boatlock Station Gatehouse Road  map B
C South Hadley Riverside Park Main Street of South Hadley
D South Hadley Library Canal Street of South Hadley
E Holyoke Dam Barrett Fish Lift Off Bridge Street Holyoke  map E
F Hadley Falls Workers’ Homes Canal Street of Holyoke  map F
G Lyman Mill Race Street map G
H Holyoke Canal Walk Race Street  map H
I Holyoke Heritage State Park Appleton Street  map I
J Holyoke Water Power Station Race Street  map J
K Parsons Paper Mill Sargeant Street  map K
L Spillway 3 South Race Street  map L
M Spillway 5 Canal Street  map M
N Riverside Station Canal Street  map N
O Spillway 4 Water Street  map O
P Northeast Bend of Second Level Canal Street  map P