South Hadley Village Cemetery

This cemetery was started in 1839.

stop 1 – cemetery entrances

stop 2 – Newton Smith family

stop 3 – John Pendleton family

John Pendleton (FINDAGRAVE) settled in the James Street section of South Hadley in the late 1700s. South Hadley once was a quarter mile longer to the south along its entire border with Chicopee. In 1806 Hampshire County divided into many counties and it was agreed to bring the border of Hampden and Hampshire more to the north.

stop 4 – Josiah Bardwell family

Josiah Bardwell (FINDAGRAVE) ran a canal and mill business along the Connecticut River. His industrial canal opened in 1805 near the southern mouth of the South Hadley Navigational Canal.

stop 5 – Lamb family

The grandchildren of Daniel Lamb and the children of Ezekiel Lamb sold the land for this cemetery in 1849 to the South Hadley Burial Grounds association.

stop 6 – Judd family

stop 7 – John Gaylord family

John Gaylord (FINDAGRAVE)

stop 8 – Joseph Carew family

Joseph Carew (FINDAGRAVE) ran a paper mill near the Holyoke Dam. It lasted for 100 years.

stop 9 – James Lathrop family

stop 10 – Ariel Cooley family

The Cooley Chapin Cemetery was found on High Street at one time.

Ariel Cooley (FINDAGRAVE) was charged with improving the South Hadley Canal. He installed an eight lock system.

stop 11 – Gate on Spring Street and the neighborhood of the cemetery

stop 12 – military