Burial Grounds of Chicopee throughout its History

Burial Grounds of Chicopee throughout its History is a presentation format of the cemeteries of Chicopee. Before 1851 the Catholics of Chicopee would have been buried in Saint Matthew’s Cemetery of Springfield. Before 1739 the Protestants of Chicopee would have been buried in Springfield Cemetery of Springfield.

To find a burial site of a person, use the town copy of the death records on ancestry. From 1848 to 1881 the cemetery is listed.

1Calvary Cemetery linkCatholicfor all Western Massachusetts Catholicslawn1851
2Sainte Rose de Lima Cemetery linkCatholic Quebeclawn1910
3Saint Stanislaus Cemetery linkCatholic Polishlawn1924
4Saint Patrick’s Cemetery linkCatholic for all Chicopee Falls Catholicslawn1873
5Sons of Zion CemeterylinkJewishfor Holyokelawn1897
6Rodphey Sholom CemeterylinkJewish for Holyokelawn1923
7Chicopee Street Burying Ground linkProtestantCongregationalchurchyard1739
8East Street Cemetery linkProtestant Chicopee Fallslawn1825
9Maple Grove Cemetery linkProtestant Chicopee Centerlawn1832
10Fairview Cemetery link Protestant allrural1870
11Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery linkNational CatholicPolishrural1897
12Holy Name of Jesus Churchyardlink Catholic pastorschurchyard1889
XTown Farm at the Chicopee Almshouselinknonenonenone1848
YNative American Burial Groundslinknonenonenoneunknown
13Pine Grove CemeterylinkBaptistwas in both in South Hadley and Chicopeechurchyard1788
14Saint Rose CemeterylinkCatholics of Saint Anne ChurchSouth Hadleylawn1884
15Saint Matthew CemeterylinkCatholicSpringfieldlawn1845
16Saint Augustine CemeterylinkCatholicBostonchurchyard1818
17Temple Ohabei Shalom CemeterylinkJewishBostonlawn1844
18Old Springfield Burial GroundlinkProtestantSpringfieldchurchyard1600s
19South Hadley Falls CemeterylinkProtestantSouth Hadleylawn1839
20Notre Dame CemeterylinkCatholicSouth Hadleylawn1891
21Native Americannone

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