Burial Grounds of Chicopee throughout its History

Burial Grounds of Chicopee throughout its History is a presentation format of the cemeteries of Chicopee.

Calvary Cemetery linkCatholic1836
Sainte Rose de Lima Cemetery linkCatholic Quebeclawn1900
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery linkCatholic Polishlawn
Saint Patrick’s Cemetery linkCatholic Irishlawn
Sons of Zion CemeterylinkJewishlawn1897
Rodphey Sholom CemeterylinkJewish lawn1927
Chicopee Street Burying Ground linkProtestantCongregationalchurchyard1739
East Street Cemetery linkProtestant 1825
Maple Grove Cemetery linkProtestant churchyard1832
Fairview Cemetery link Protestant 1870
Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery link National CatholicPolish1904
Holy Name of Jesus Churchyardlink Catholic churchyard1889

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