Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery

The Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery is in Chicopee Massachusetts. It was purchased from Chicopee on June 26 1897 from a portion of the land of Fairview Cemetery. It belongs to the Holy Mother of the Rosary Church which is a Polish National Church in Chicopee.

1 -Gates and Sign

2 – Bishop

Walenty Peter Gawrychowski – FINDAGRAVE

3 – Memorial

altar consecrated as a token of gratitude to Fr Walenty Gawrychowski and the first founders of the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in December 1896 - true work

4 – WW2 Death

5 – Old Stones

6 – Fairview Cemetery

7 – Modern Stones

The parish was found December 23 1896. The first pastor came January 11 1897 from Buffalo New York. This was Valentine Gawrychowski. The dedication of the church was October 12 1897.

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