Saint Rose Cemetery

stop 1 – Arthur Bernier – The work shed behind you was for the workers in this cemetery.  Arthur Bernier built and designed it in 1935.  He was a home contractor that attended St Patrick’s Church.  His parents are buried 20 feet away on the other side of this entry road.  Arthur is buried with his wife west down this road.  He has a military stone since he fought in the US Army in the Coastal Artillery.  (Findagrave)

stop 2 – Patrick Hartnett – Patrick Hartnett was a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War.  He moved to Holyoke Massachusetts in 1864 and married to Ellen Shugrue at the Saint Jerome Church.  Nothing is known about his time in the war.  Notice the two marks at the base of his stone.  He is buried with his wife and children.  (Findagrave)

stop 3 – John Conlan gravestone – John died a month after his wife did.  He was a poor man with no family left.  The Bricklayers Union number 2 of Holyoke decided to expend some of their money on a nice gravestone for John and Mary Jane.  She might have been the first burial ever in Saint Rose Cemetery since they died that year of opening.  (Findagrave)

stop 4 – Robert Comeau – This is in the modern section of the cemetery.  He had 11 children and they are all listed on the back in order.  One of the children was deaf and hence the sign language symbol for “I Love You” is on the reverse.  St Rose bought the two large sections to the west of the old sections.  (Findagrave)

stop 5 – Potter’s Field and Children’s Graves

To the back middle of the cemetery, find the potter’s field. Most of the back row of this area is very old and most are pauper’s grave. The children’s area to the front left of this area is very nice to visit.

stop 6 – John Conway – Father Conway was the priest that helped Sainte Anne Church in Chicopee become a parish.  From 1891 to 1912 it was a mission church of St Patrick’s Church of South Hadley.  In 1912 the church was built that is still there.  The former chapel remained just in back of the church until 1964 when it was razed and an addition added to the church.  John is the only pastor from either St Patricks or Ste Anne that is buried in St Rose Cemetery.  (Findagrave)

stop 7 – Plains area neighborhood and Precious Blood Cemetery

The Precious Blood Cemetery is to the back of the St Rose Cemetery. It is an older cemetery and of the Quebec ethnicity. Click on their link to visit there with interpretation.

The Plains neighborhood is one of the newest of South Hadley. Walk a bit around. Old Willimansett Street was once part of Willimansett Street until the early 1970s. The Plains School is across Route 202 from you.

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