Saint Rose Cemetery

The Saint Rose Cemetery of South Hadley is adjacent to the Precious Blood Cemetery. In 1884, Michael Lynch who owned a massive brick yard along Newton Street in South Hadley sold the land for the cemetery to the church for this cemetery.

Cemeteries of South Hadley

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  • A free public tour comes up every five years.
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stop 1 – Bernier shed

Arthur Joseph Bernier made this shed and his parents are buried directly in front of it. He and his wife are buried about 100 yards down this first row.

stop 2 – Conlan gravestone

John Conlan and his wife are buried in the front row at about the middle of the cemetery. His wife is one of the first burials in this cemetery. This cemetery opened on May 4 1884.


stop 3 – Patrick Hartnett gravestone

Patrick Hartnett fought for the Confederates during the American Civil War. He might have only fought for three years 1861 to 1863 from the state of North Carolina.


stop 4 – modern gravestones

There are many modern stones and so take a wonder around the cemetery. This new part was bought after 1900.

stop 5 – Baby Gravestones and the Potters Field

At this area there is a section for infants that is nicely laid out. Toward the back is the pauper’s graves with the oldest in the back row.

stop 6 – John Conway

John Conway is the fifth pastor of St Patrick’s Church and the first pastor of Ste Anne’s Church. He is the only pastor of either church that is buried here. This cemetery serves both parishes. FINDAGRAVE

stop 7 – Neighborhood

This is the Plains area of South Hadley. The St Patricks Church is in the Falls area and is in its third church. See my LINK.

The Saint Anne Church is in the Fairview section of Chicopee. It was a mission church of the St Patricks Church.

This cemetery is adjacent to the Precious Blood Cemetery. Its boundary is the row of pine trees. Their page is FINDAGRAVE and TOURS.