Saint Patrick’s Cemetery

The Saint Patrick’s Cemetery of Chicopee Massachusetts is along Fuller Road.

Cemeteries of Chicopee

stop 1 – Babies’ Section

The first burial in this cemetery was on July 17 1873. John Fitzgerald a child of 1 year and 6 months was buried here. His parents were Patrick and Johanna.

stop 2 – Layout of the Cemetery

See the map at LINK

stop 2A – Alexis Delphos

In this the Saint Johns section of the cemetery, there is a Alexis Delphos buried here. He was the first pastor and founder of the Saint Joachim Church (LINK) of the Chicopee Falls neighborhood. In 1911 he was buried here. If he had died a few months later, he might have been buried in the newly ready Saint Rose de Lima Cemetery. He was born in Quebec and served at a French Canadian church. FINDAGRAVE

stop 3 – Theodore Montmeny


It would be an interesting story to determine why Theodore Montmeny has a rendition of the Eiffel Tower on top of his gravestone. LINK

stop 4 – Isaac Blanchette

Isaac died of alcohol poisoning in 1919 during Wartime Prohibition. – FINDAGRAVE

stop 5 – Michael Houlihan


Read Michael Houlihan’s obituary at Findagrave. By coincidence a second Michael Houlihan died that same day of April 22 1907 in Chicopee. They do not seem to be related. FINDAGRAVE

stop 6 – Peter King

Peter’s gravestone is a cenotaph for him since he is buried in the Calvary Cemetery of Chicopee. – FINDAGRAVE – His wife is most likely here.

stop 7 – Patrick D Stone

First pastor and founder of the Saint Patrick’s Church of Chicopee. The story of the church and its campus is HERE.


stop 8 – Maurice Shea


stop 7 – LaPolice


stop 10 – Gates of the Cemetery

stop 9 – Thomas Deady and other war deaths

Thomas died due to WW1. The Route 33 Bridge over the Chicopee River is named after him. FINDAGRAVE

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