Mill History

These are histories of the mills of Holyoke that are near the Holyoke Canal System.  Click on the name of the mill to lead to its own page. Click on the location to get to an Open Street map. There was some child labor in Holyoke in the 1880s to the 1920s. PAGE

Holyoke Paperinformation 1857 secondvideo
Prentiss Wireinformation1857 firstvideo
Hadley Threadinformation1863 secondvideo
Beebe Holbrookinformation1863 firstvideo
Holyoke Machineinformation1863  video
New York Wooleninformation1864 secondvideo
Whitinginformation1864 firstvideo
Merrick Threadinformation1865 firstvideo
Germaniainformation1865 secondvideo
Riversideinformation1866 thirdvideo
Valleyinformation1866 secondvideo
Franklininformation1866 thirdvideo
Dickenson and Clark Paperinformationsecondvideo
Waureganinformation1869 first video
Albioninformation1869 second video
Holyoke Steam Boilerinformation1869 near railroad  video
Holyoke Warpinformation1869 none video
Connecticut River Paper Millinformation1870 Union Paperthird video
Springfield Blanketinformation1870 third video
Crockerinformation1870 second video
Beebe – Webberinformation1872 second video
Newton Paperinformation1873 third video
Massasoitinformation1873 first video
Farr Alpacainformation1873 first video
Excelsiorinformation 1873   video
Massachusetts Screwinformation1873   video
Skinner Silkinformation18741961first video
Deane Pump (Worthington)information1875 none video
Seymour Cutleryinformation1878 none video
Buchanan and Boltinformation1878 none video
Chemical Paperinformation1880 third video
Winona (Gill)information1880 second video
Syms and Dudley
(Mount Tom)
information1880 second video
Nonotuckinformation1880 second video
Holyoke Envelopeinformation1880   video
Hampden Glazeinformation1880still existssecond video
Whitmoreinformation1880   video
National Blank Bookinformation1881 second video
Merrick Lumberinformation1881   video
Dickinsoninformation1882 first video
American Padinformation18822005none video
Holyoke Manila Millinformation1875 secondvideo
Connecticut River Pulpinformation1876 firstvideo
Normaninformation1891 secondvideo
Goetz Silkinformation1893first at Cabot Millvideo
Hampden Cotton Millinformation   firstvideo 
Coghlan’s Holyoke Steam Boilerinformation   video 
White and Wyckoffinformationsecondvideo
General Electricinformationsecondvideo
Holyoke Water Power Millinformationfirstvideo
Holyoke Water Power Buildingsinformationfirstvideo
Holyoke Wire Clothinformationvideo
Berkshire Fine Spinninginformationfirstvideo
American Tissue Millsinformationnonevideo
Perfect Safety Paperinformationnonevideo
Connor Brothers Woolen Millinformationfirstvideo
Fenton and Dunninformationvideo
United Folding Boxinformationthirdvideo
Goddard Machineinformationvideo
Holyoke Hydrant and Iron Worksinformationvideo
Hampden Paper Companyinformationvideo
Ferry Millinformationvideo
Chadwick Plush Companyinformationfirstvideo
Springfield Photo Mountinformationnonevideo
Taylor Burt Paper Millinformationthirdvideo
Holyoke Valve and Hydrantinformation45 Race and 150 Racevideo
Bemis Paperinformationvideo
Riverview Machineinformation102 Cabotfirstvideo
Esleek Paper Millinformationvideo
Holyoke Plushinformationvideo
Hazen Paperinformation1925200 Racevideo
Affleck Ruling and Stationeryinformation190918 North Bridgevideo
Mansir PrintinginformationJan 1 19249 Suffolkvideo
Marcus Printinginformation109 Mainvideo
American Writing Paperinformationvideo
Powers Paper Millinformationthirdvideo
Essex Pad and Paperinformation1920sNorth Summer and Lymanvideo
Hadley Falls Paperinformation1872video
National Paper Millinformationwest side of 2nd level canalvideo
J & W JollyinformationSouth East Streetvideo
Holyoke Bone Companyinformationfirstvideo
Buttrick and Flanders Spindle Shopinformationfirstvideo
American Quiltinformationvideo
Holyoke Threadinformationvideo
Crocker McElwaininformationfirstvideo
Samuel Snellinformationvideo
Perkins Machinistsinformationvideo
Nichols Belting CompanyinformationHWP Millvideo
Tuttle Rubber Worksinformationvideo
Holyoke Woven Wire Mattress Companyinformationvideo
Connecticut River Lumber Companyinformationvideo
Holyoke Monumental Worksinformationvideo
Holyoke Foundry CompanyinformationDeane Steam Pump Company Iron Foundry
Watson and Ely and Son Planing and Saw Mill
Holyoke Glazed Paper Worksinformationvideo
Keating Wheel Company Bicycle Manufactoryinformationvideo
Whitcomb Buildingsinformationvideo
Holyoke Belting Companyinformationvideo
Harman and Derichs Architectural Iron Worksinformationvideo
Holyoke Bar Companyinformationvideo
J E Brown Cotton Worksinformationvideo
Holyoke File Worksinformationvideo
Chase Lumber Yardinformationvideo
Mosher, Wait, and Co.informationvideo
Highland Manufacturing Coinformationat Cabot and Bigelowvideo
Reynoldsinformation728 Main Stpadsvideo
Judge and Fay Coinformation525 Main Stprintersvideo
Worthington Paperinformationvideo
Whiting Street Rulinginformationvideo

Loudville Mills fire

Most mills have Sanborn map to analyze and some have the

Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies

2 October 1899