Historical Tours of Greater Holyoke

2022 is my 7th year of giving tours of Holyoke topics.  The schedule of FREE PUBLIC tours for this calendar year is HERE.  If you want a private tour then see the tour and rates page.  My available TOURS.  Also these tours are listed by NEIGHBORHOOD.  One tour that ties together the most important of the sites around the city is the Holyoke Heritage Trail. My special topic for 2022 is the Olmsted parks of Holyoke.

The Holyoke Canal Tour is a web based system to guide and instruct you around the Holyoke Canal System and its mills.  The most important page is the DESTINATIONS page. There you will find a grid of the 18 stops with each stop being a clickable link.  From each of those links is a page that helps you get to the location and then describes the physical and historical properties of the canal and the mills there.  (Also back at the DESTINATIONS page you will find in the grid a link to a google map to help you navigate to that location.)  On the stop description pages, you will find underlined phrases that are clickable and that will bring you to a picture.

Thank you for your interest in the tour around the canal.  Please, also use the other links – Charity, Sponsors, and more.