Holyoke Images and Artifacts

This Holyoke Images and Artifacts page will lead you to sources of images and implements of Holyoke that are around the city. For example there are a multitude of images of Holyoke at the Highland Hardware Store. Another example is that there are many artifacts at the Wherehouse of Holyoke.

nameIMAGE LINKTheir LINKlocationsubject
Highland Hardware StoreImage LinkTheir LinkHampden Streetphotographs
WherehouseImage LinkTheir LinkLyman Streetartifacts
Holyoke History RoomImage LinkTheir LinkChestnut StreetWarner and Wilhelm Collections
WistariahurstImage LinkTheir LinkBeech Streetmansion and archives
Holyoke Merry-Go-RoundImage LinkTheir LinkHolyoke Heritage State ParkThree rows of horses so click on each row of links to meet each one
Holyoke Heritage State ParkImage LinkTheir LinkHolyoke Heritage State Parkpaper making display and some Holyoke artefacts
Volleyball Hall of FameImage LinkTheir LinkHolyoke Heritage State ParkHolyoke is the birthplace of volleyball
Holyoke Reservoir SystemImage LinkTheir LinkSouvenir by the Holyoke Water Workspicture book of the Holyoke reservoirs