Fenton and Dunn

Fenton and Dunn

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The carriage at Wistariahurst is a Fenton and Dunn one. LINK

Run by JJ Fenton and MJ Dunn. HISTORY

The Wagner Spring Bed Manufacturers move into this location. Carriages and wagons are not as useful in the automobile.

At some point it turns into a furniture warehouse site.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map – building is small compared to what it would become with blacksmith, paint room, lumber yard, and more

Sanborn 1889 map – has been built up with brick facade on half the structure, more lumber storage

Sanborn 1895 map – more wagon sheds have been added across the street

Sanborn 1915 map – now Wagner Spring Bed Manufacturers

Sanborn 1949 map – furniture warehouse

Sanborn 1956 map – furniture warehouse

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