Merrick Thread Mill

First is the 1889 floor plan of the Merrick 3 (rightmost building) from the Sanborn Insurance Company – see link just below and after clicking there will be a plus sign to magnify the map higher.  Each floor is actually explained since if you look at the rooms closely they have the function of each floor.  For example the right room and the longest is with four floors – race (water tunnel for power) 1st mule spinning 1st carding 2nd frame spinning 3rd twisting and spooling 4th.
Second is the 1895 Sanborn floor map:
Third is the 1915 Sanborn floor map – the control button at top right of map area has one that is a spinning arrow and this allows for rotation of the map.  The Merrick is now by 1910s called the American Thread Company.
Fourth is the 1949 Sanborn map
Fifth and last is the 1956 Sanborn map – it is now in that year called Tecnifax

The Merrick Thread Mill was started in Holyoke in 1865.  At its peak it made 1 million miles of thread a year.  Its first mill in Holyoke along the end of the Second Level Canal and the beginning of the Third Level Canal.  It had an exposed race coming out of its mill.  Merrick Thread Mill number 4 was mostly for administration.  It is located across Main Street from mill number 1.

Merrick Thread Mills numbers 2 and 3 are between the First and Second Level Canals at Appleton Street.

Timothy Merrick started the Merrick Thread business in Mansfield Hollow Connecticut.  He moved it to Holyoke to gain an advantage on his competitors.  He was a great mill owner and grew wealthy quickly.  He built a mansion on the land that is now Blessed Sacrament Church.

Current views of the Merrick Thread Mill is below.