Holyoke on the National Register Bicycle Riding Tour

stop 1 – Holyoke Canal System (district)

stop 2 – Clovis Robert Block

The Clovis Robert Block was built in 1888 in the Quebec ghetto of the city. That ornate roofline is superb. One of the early tenants was a dentist.

stop 3 – Friedrich Block

The Friedrich Block was built by the Friedrich Architectural Supply Company. It is located directly behind the Friedrich Block along Race Street. The Friedrich Block has had many tenants over the century that it has been there but none is more famous that the Weinstein Furniture Company.

stop 4 – Wistariahurst

Wistariahurst is the home of William Skinner the scion of the Skinner family. Skinner brought the Skinner Silk Mill to Holyoke. His home is now a museum and is owned by the city. The home has its own web page HERE

stop 5 – Maplewood Hotel

stop 6 – Holyoke Main United States Post Office

The is the third location for a main post office in Holyoke. The first was the Holyoke Hotel at the bottom of Dwight Street. First is was wood and then it was bricks and mortar. The second was directly behind that location on Race Street. There was a previous post office to these three back when Holyoke was Ireland Parish of West Springfield. It was a branch post office and was at the Crafts Tavern.

stop 7 – Hampden Park Historic District [Veterans’ Park]

stop 8 – Holyoke City Hall

stop 9 – North High Street Historic District

The entire length of High Street from Essex to Lyman Streets is one historic district. There are many buildings of superb architectural style in this district. Included in the district are Holyoke City Hall and the Caledonia.

stop 10 – Caledonia Building

The Caledonian Benefit Society purchased this building in 1909. Roswell Crafts had it built in 1874. The top floor is for social function, the ground floor is for retail business, and the middle two floors are for office space.

stop 11 – Prospect Park (district) [Pulaski Park]

stop 12 – Hadley Falls Company Housing District