Names of the Civil War deaths of Holyoke with death dates and locations.

Names of the Civil War deaths of Holyoke with death dates and locations. An underlined name imply that you can click to go to findagrave to view their memorial page and burial location.

Maple Street side:

ordernamedeathplaceFINDAGRAVE burial at link
1Myron C Prattcaptain 1 Mass Calvary2 Nov 1862Clarke County, Virginialink
2Joel Lockling16 May 1864Andersonville link
3John Minchau26 Feb 1864Emory Square Hospitallink
4John Wild4 November 1862Emory Square Hospitallink
5Morris Henman3 Mass Calvary10 Aug 1865New Orleanslink
6Thomas S. Holman1 Mass Infty7 Dec. 1862Goshen, Massachusettslink
7Sgt. Roland S. Williston2 Mass Infty8 Aug 1862Cedar Mountain, Virginialink
8Cpl. Hiram A. Eaton20 Jul 1862Frederick, Marylandlink
9Sgt. Amos Pettis10 Mass Infty17 May 1863Chancellorsvillelink
10Sgt. John R. WalkerAugust 1864Portsmouth Grove Hospital Rhode Islandlink
11Cpl. Hibbard K. Bean31 May 1862Fair Oaks, Virginialink
12Cpl. James Baldwin13 Jun 1864Virginialink
13Cpl. Osmyn B. PaulMay 1864Spotsylvania Court Houselink
14John Barry3 May 1863Chancellorsville, Virginialink
15James W. Burr10 Sep 1861District of Columbialink
16Hubert J. BoyingtonMay 1863Chancellorsvillelink
17Levi W. BrooksWilderness campaign link
18Anthony CainMay 1863Chancellorsville, Virginialink

Hampden Street side:

ordernamedeathplaceFINDAGRAVE burial at link
1James ConnorsMay 1864Petersburg, Virginia link
2William H. Estes31 May 1862Fair Oaks, Virginia link
3John Falvey1 May 1862Warwick Court House, Virginialink
4Michael Gorman5 May 1864Wilderness Battlefield, Virginialink
5Charles E. HoveyMay 1863Chancellorsville, Virginialink
6Joseph Maguire7 Nov 1863Rappahannock Station, Virginialink
7Abner D. Otis17 Sep 1863Washington DClink
8Robert J. Stewart31 May 1862Fair Oaks, Virginialink
9Simeon P. Smith7 Nov 1863Rappahannock Station, Virginialink
10Daniel D. Shea31 May 1862Fair Oaks, Virginialink
11Stevenson Sill15 Mas InftyJuly 1862Point Lookout Marylandlink
12Capt. John D. Frazer21 Mass InftySept 1862link
13Patrick CushingMarch 1862New Bern, NClink
14Josiah Gleason13 May 1864Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia link
15J.W. Bartlett24 Mass InftyMarch 1862New Bern, NC link
16Cpl. Richard Curry27 Mass InftyMay 1864 link
17Henry LymanMay 1863New Bern, NClink
18B.F. MackinsterApril 1862New Bern, NC link
19Robert McDonald1865Andersonville, Georgia link

Chestnut Street side:

ordernamedeathlocation FINDAGRAVE burial at link
1James Sullivan27 Mass Infty15 March 1862New Bern, NClink
2Thomas SullivanAugust 1862New Bern, NClink
31 Lieut Frank Cook31 Mass Infty6 Aug 1863Baton Rouge, Louisianalink
4Cpl. W.C. Van ValkenburgMay 1864 link
5Patrick DevineMay 1864Alexandria, Louisiana link
6John DonahueMay 1864Yellow Bayou, Louisiana link
7Sgt. Eben G. Clark34 Mass Infty5 Jun 1864Piedmont, Virginia link
8Cpl. J.M. PerkinsJan 1864Piedmont, Virginia link
9Cornelius DonahueMay 1864Petersburg, Virginia link
10Malcolm SmithMay 1864New Market Virginia link
11Cpl. Charles R. Avery36 Mass Infty2 Jun 1864Washington, DC link
12Daniel Cronan37 Mass InftySept 1864New Market Virginia link
13Richard Wall46 Mass Infty1862Goldsboro NC link
14Fred S. Fairbanks56 Mass InftyJuly 1864 link
15Sgt. James P. Brooks57 Mass Infty14 Jul 1864Alexandria, Virginia link
16William Prentiss, Jr.18 Jun 1864Petersburg, Virginia link
17George M. Williston35 NY Infty1863Chancellorsville, Virginia link
18Dr. Elbridge G. Pierce7 Aug 1862Fort Monroe, Virginia link