Parks of Holyoke

The Holyoke Parks and Recreation Department not only does a great job of maintaining their parks, they also do a fine job of describing their park system. Read about their many PARKS. I give tours of some of these many parks and that is described at each link below.

At the peak of recreation in Holyoke in 1953 for an example, there were 8 softball diamonds, 7 baseball diamonds, and 7 skating rinks. Also in that year Toto’s Restaurant donated the use of its picnic grove for the summertime youth programs. This was called the Smith Ferry Community Center. These city program were even in the Holyoke Jewish Community Center. They had programs in fields and parks and in private business and public schools.

nametour linklocationyearcomments
Elmwood Parktour linklocationMacKenzie, Crosier, Sheard, Roberts, and Young
Library Parktour linklocation
Veteran’s Parktour linklocationHampden Park
Pulaski Parktour linklocationProspect Park
Avery Fieldtour link
(block 2)
locationHampden Field
Mitchell Fieldtour link (block 1)locationProspect Field
Deroy Parktour linklocationCanonchet Park
Kosciuszko Parktour linklocation
Springdale Parktour linklocationRiverside Park
Jones Point Parktour linklocationHighland Park
Anniversary Fieldtour linklocationinformation
Community Fieldtour linklocationinformation
Rohan Parktour linklocationKirtland School
Bonin Fieldtour linklocationGermania Park
Hamilton Parktour linklocation1889Vega Park
Sullivan Squaretour linklocation1889Appleton, Pleasant, and Dwight
Liberty Parktour linkNW corner of Winter and Appleton Streets1943 (gone)
McNally Fieldtour linkMay 21 1939 renamed and rededicatedWilliam McNally died in France in June 1918
McNulty Parktour link
Laurel Parktour link
Waterfront Parklinkcalled Depression Park
Roosevelt Triangle100 feet west of Hillside and Westfield Road
Henry Toepfert Playgroundat foot of Lyman Street1961
Alfred Corbeil play landbehind White Restaurant in Smiths Ferry1961
Pina ParklinkFlats
Mayer Fieldlink
Ingleside Playgroundlink