Churches in Holyoke

The best format to explain these neighborhoods is via their churches.  This is since the church was the center of all life since schools, residential home, civic centers, and hospitals surrounded the parish.  This is especially true of the Catholic churches since most workers in Holyoke were immigrants to Holyoke and wanted to create an area that was similar to their home base.

Saint Jerome Church – Parish and Neighborhood

Precious Blood Church – Parish and Neighborhood

Blessed Sacrament Church and its Elmwood Neighborhood

Mater Dolorosa Church Campus History

Immaculate Conception Church and Neighborhood

Holy Rosary Church Campus and Neighborhood Tour

Sacred Heart Church and Neighborhood

Four Churches in the Highlands (Holy Cross Church, Saint Paul’s Church, First Congregational Church of Holyoke, and the Methodist Episcopal Church)

Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

German Evangelical Lutheran Church

German Reformed Church

Grace Church