Saint George Church

Saint George Church is the modern name of the Saint Joachim Church of Chicopee. The name change happened on August 23 1924. This is when the modern church built from 1922 to 1924 was completed. This is on Belcher Street.

Saint Joachim Church was founded in 1893 at the request of the Springfield Diocese bishop. Alexis Delphos was made the first pastor.

Alexis Delphos18931911FINDAGRAVE
George Gagnon19221937FINDAGRAVE
Silvio J Desautels1938FINDAGRAVE
Ronald Lussier19752002FINDAGRAVE

Old Church

The old church Saint Joachim was on Maple Street. It was made in 1896.


The church rectory is from the 1840s. It was the Pliny Cadwell House. He was a merchant in Chicopee. Alfred Rutotels briefly owned it in the 1880s. In 1895 it became a rectory.

Carriage House

Alfred Rutotels Carriage House is behind the rectory. It is from 1894.


Old Convent

James Bly House was sold to the church in 1893 and this would be the first church for the parish. It would later be the convent. Sold in 2004.


The school Ecole St Georges was started in 1927. Sold in 2016.


The convent is on Maple Street and is from 1927.


The Victoria 1914 made by DeGray

Hamilton Fay House 1845

Sanborn map analysis:

1896 map

1902 map

1910 map

Sanborn 1915 map

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