Rohan Park and its Neighborhood

1911 Richards map

Rohan Park is in the location of the former Kirtland School. This school was at first called the New Oakdale School. It was opened in January of 1909. Sure it was built in 1908 but in 1916 it already received an addition to its back. (the school was at 298 Sargeant Street)

The park is defined by parallel streets – Sargeant and West Franklin Streets and then Chapman and Saint Jerome Avenues. It closed in 1991 and was razed in 1997.

The school is named after Edwin Kirtland a former superintendent of the Holyoke school system. The school was an elementary school and a neighborhood school. PHOTO – Kirtland died in 1910 and the school soon after was changed into his name.

Edwin Kirtland obituary part A

Edwin Kirtland obituary part B

The park is named after Robert Rohan Sr who was a state representative for Holyoke for 18 years. (1975 to 1993) FINDAGRAVE

Robert Rohan’s father was Patrick Rohan who was a driver for the fire chief of Holyoke.

The John Stacy Apartments are from 1910 and are at 320-322 Sargeant Street. These were built as the Oakdale neighborhood developed into a trolley neighborhood. In 1892 the Holyoke Streetcar trolley line went up Sargeant Street. See Line G at this LINK.

In 1914 the apartment complex at 321 Sargeant Street across the street from the Stacey were built. The trolley allowed mill workers to move out of the downtown area.

Down Pinehurst Road is the house of James Newton. This Colonial Revival house was built in 1909 on the massive homestead that Newton had in the Oakdale area. Newton lived at 159 Chestnut Street for many years and then in 1909 moved to the Pinehurst. Read about his original HOME. Then read about the many addresses of this Pinehurst mansion HERE. Lastly, read about his MILL. He would have this beautiful mansion built at 21 and 25 Pinehurst Road.

The house has an address of 25 and the carriage house has an address of 21 but both point to Northampton Street since there was once a private driveway from the west. Thus the front of the house is now in the backyard.

Across the street in 1911 the James Bertram Newton house was built at 6 Pinehurst Road. This house had many addresses through the years including a Franklin Street address. James Bertram Newton was the son of James Hale Newton and would live in this second Newton house on Pinehurst Street. FINDAGRAVE

At 243-245 Sargeant Street is the Skinner Workers House. William Skinner had his manager living in this house. The house is from 1892. Around 1917 Robert Inglis a baker had changed this into a bakery. The bakery was at 408 High Street in 1916 but moved here. This was the home for Robert Inglis (245 Sargeant). The bakery was Inglis and Oliver.

1874 area map of Holyoke

Sanborn map

1915 map

1949 map A and map B

1956 map A and map B

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