Olmsteds in Holyoke presentation

For the Olmsteds in Holyoke presentation, you need to match the number on the map with the grid below. Tour around the city will consist of the four parks and one home.

VIDEO from Holyoke Media

1Springdale Park
2Pulaski Park
3Jones Point Park
4Elmwood Park
5City Beautiful Plan
6City Plan(same as number 5)
7Mount Tom Club House200 Mountain View Drive
8Wyckoff Park Neighborhood
9Lewis Wyckoff1040 Northampton Street
10Joseph B Woodruff28 Central Park Drive
11Edward Twing 192362 Central Park Drive
12Edward Twing 1925198 and 208 Central Park Drive
13Steiger Walking Paths, Gates, and Walls125 135 145 155 185 Mountain View Drive
14Albert Steiger170 Mountain View Drive – (same as 13)
15James Wakelin1067 Northampton Street
16Edward Towne1021 Northampton Street
17William Skinner II1155 Northampton Street
18George and William Prentiss1425 Northampton Street
19Joseph Towne181 Linden Street
20William Whiting farmland
21Holyoke Contagious Disease HospitalCherry Street
22Saint Jerome CemeteryNorthampton Street

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