Wyckoff Park


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The street layout of the Wyckoff Park neighborhood is an Olmsted design.

The Mount Tom golf course is from the 1898. The course was redesigned in the early 1920s and its eastern edge turned into a neighborhood. This neighborhood was designed from 1921 to 1925 by the Olmsted Brothers. The deed to the land changed hands in 1922 from the Judd family of South Hadley to the Mount Tom Realty Trust. The 44 acres went over to Alderman, Wyckoff, Raynolds, Patridge, and Coburn. The development in the residential district started in 1923.

The streets were laid out in a unique curved pattern. The street lights used were beautiful. LINK

In 1924 there were sidewalks put in at the start of Mountain View Drive near the highway. In 1955 Mountain View Drive and Central Park Drive finally got some more sidewalks but not many more.

In 1963 the neighborhood had to be reworked once again. Interstate 91 was coming in and so the easternmost holes needed to be worked to be in land to the south. Albert Steiger had given land to the Holyoke Water Works in 1929. This land was sold to the golf course in 1963 so they could build the newer holes to the south.

In 1956 both Briarwood Drive and Steiger Road were added to the neighborhood.

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