City Beautiful Plan (for Holyoke)

City Beautiful Plan (for Holyoke)

This PLAN found in the 1908 city register was delivered to the mayor in 1907. It comments on the improvements in the parks of the city. The City Beautiful report for Holyoke was written out by the Olmsted Brothers. The booklet is great to read and offers up mostly a philosophical plan for improving the parks of the city.

It was furthered a year later in the City Plan (for Holyoke) – LOCPHOTOS which is a photography exhibition on the pros and cons of the city environment. It also gives hints on how to improve and streets.

There was also a Preliminary Report (from 1901) – see parks department report in city report (pages 207 to 214).

Holyoke owes much to these reports since the plans were used in the many parks of the city.

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