Chicopee Memorial State Park

Chicopee Memorial State Park was once called Cooley Brook Reservoir.

Reservoirs were built there in 1893, 1912, and 1926. These were drinking water sources for Chicopee. The first reservoir held 5 million gallons in all. The Cooley Brook Reservoir was the second drinking water reservoir of Chicopee after the Abbey Reservoir. The CCC did projects there in the 1930s including trails and bridges.

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TRAIL MAP from the state park service

The city of Chicopee has an old picture of the reservoir. LINK

The Cooley Brook runs from the NE into Chicopee Reservoir and then into Lower Reservoir. The dams are in the SW of each. There are wetlands along the upper Cooley Brook area where there is also bird watching.


Dana 1801 as a town

Dana Common Historic and Archaeological District

Brown’s Evergreen Cemetery Site at Tamplin Rd Petersham

Dana Center Cemetery Site at Main St Petersham

Dana Baptist Meeting Hall Site 1800

Dana Congregational Church 1853

Power Canals and Reservoirs of Granby

Power Canals and Reservoirs of Granby

Carver Reservoir – Carver Sawmill from H I Carver and A E Carver – structures in Ludlow and reservoir mostly in Granby – on the Stony Brook – within Granby there is a canal from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir – grist mill is along the canal – W Carver, G Carver, and E and H Carver all live very close by

Ingraham Dam and Reservoir are on small tributary of the Bachelors Brook called Ingraham Brook

Forge Pond – has a canal – grist mill from the Cook family – on Bachelors Brook

Aldrich Lake – CC Aldrich and E J Aldrich – Bachelors Brook

just up stream from the Aldrich is a saw mill with a tiny reservoir

the Muddy Brook has no dams. reservoirs, nor canals