Nuns of Holyoke

The nuns of Holyoke are varied since there are so many ethnic groups within the city. Below is a rundown of the orders and when and where they served.

orderlocationstart in Holyokeend in Holyokelocal burial locationsmotherhouseexternal link to their history
Notre DameNotre Dame School18691910Saint Jerome Cemetery in HolyokeWaltham MassachusettsHISTORY
Sisters of Saint JosephSt JeromeRosary (1920 on) – Sacred Heart1886stillSt Michael’s Cemetery of Springfield and Mont Marie Cemetery of HolyokeSpringfieldHISTORY
Franciscan Sisters of Saint JosephMater Dolorosa19061994HISTORY
Sisters of Sainte AnnePrecious Blood18881971Nicolet of Quebec CanadaHISTORY
Sisters of the Presentation of MaryImmaculate Conception Perpetual Help18911979HISTORY
Sisters of ProvidenceProvidence Hospital and Brightside OrphanageNovember 1873stillCalvary Cemetery of the Sisters of Providence in Holyoke HolyokeHISTORY

Interesting report on the nuns and the schools is HERE.

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