Holy Name of Jesus Church and the 3 Neighborhood Churches

Holy Name of Jesus Church and the 3 neighborhood churches is a walking tour of the Springfield Street area in Chicopee Massachusetts.

stop 1 – Convent

The convent was built in 1867 for the Notre Dame nuns who staffed the girls school. It had a small front on South Street but a longer section along Clinton Street.

stop 2 – Holy Name Girls’ School

This was the first Catholic school in Western or Central Massachusetts. It was built in 1868 between the church and the convent. Notre Dame School was only for girls. In 1894 Holy Name School finally gained a high school but it was only for girls also.

stop 3 – Patrick Healy Gravestone

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Patrick Healy was the third pastor of this parish. He is buried in the churchyard. His FINDAGRAVE page has much information for you. Usually only the first and perhaps the second pastor of a church are buried alongside the founding church. He is neither but what he did was found the first Catholic school in Central or Western Massachusetts. Thus he is buried alongside that school.

stop 4 – Holy Name of Jesus Church

This church was built in 1859. The church was originally a wooden clad church that was built in 1843 at a nearby location.

stop 5 – Henry Lorenzo Robinson Gravestone

More about Father Robinson is at this FINDAGRAVE page.

John D Brady18401847burial
James Strain18471849burial
William Blenkisop18491864burial
Patrick Healy18641889burial
Henry Robinson18891894burial
John J McCoy18941905burial
John F Conlin19051953burial
Joseph Ryan19531963burial
Thomas Shea1963burial

stop 6 – Rectory

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stop 7 – Chapel

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This chapel was built in 1872. A second chapel was built attached to the back of the convent.

stop 8 – Boys’ School

The Holy Name Boys’ School was made in 1881 in the back of the church and convent.

stop 9 – Monastery

The Holy Name Monastary was made in 1881 in the back of the boys’ school.

stop 10 – Science School

The Holy Name Science School was made in 1925.

stop 11 – Cemeteries of Holy Name of Jesus

Notice at first the two priests that are buried on the campus. They are mentioned above. From 1845 to 1910s the churchgoers of this church used the Saint Matthews Cemetery of Springfield. John Brady the priest bought this land in Springfield (about a football field length south of the present Calvary Cemetery). The parish used this cemetery until it was mostly filled up. From the 1920s until now, the Calvary Cemetery of Chicopee was heavily used. Calvary Cemetery is a Springfield Catholic Diocese cemetery started in 1851.

For the remainder of the tour go to this LINK.

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