Pulaski Park Tour

This is part of the Holyoke Heritage Trail so after visiting here get back onto the trail.

Stop 1 – Holyoke Canal System and Dam

See the canal tour stop for this location at this LINK.

Stop 2 – Connecticut River and views

When Prospect Park started in 1884, the views from this location were superb. Now weeds and trees block the views at almost all points.

Stop 3 – Pulaski Park Memorial

The memorial in the center of the park was dedicated in 1939 when the park was renamed from Prospect Park to Pulaski Park. The park was also called Kerry Park in the past. This memorial is in line with Chestnut Street.

Stop 4 – Holyoke Ice Company

The Holyoke Ice Company started at this location in about 1900. They harvested ice from Ashley Reservoir and from Log Cove from 1900 to 1940. Refrigeration changed the company since people needed less ice but the company still existed until 1990.

Stop 5 – Prospect Heights Neighborhood

The neighborhood around the park has grown up during the 170 years since it started. There is urban renewal in many places and some old building. The building at the southwest corner of Lyman and High Streets is the Gallaudet House. It might predate the official existence of Holyoke itself.

Stop 6 – Mater Dolorosa Church

See my tour on the church at this LINK.

General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park is nearby. It was dedicated May 21 1999.

Stop 7 – Union Coal

The Union Coal Company was located in the eastern edge of this long park. It served the people of Holyoke from the 1890s to the 1940s. Prospect Streets had its eastern end near here and in fact the driveway of the businesses to the south now use what was Prospect St.

Stop 8 – Feldman Park

Feldman Park was added to encourage young people to enjoy themselves in this area. Water park and skate parks were added.

Stop 9 – Perpetual Help Church

The Perpetual Help Church was built where the Mater Dolorosa School is now. It was a four story building that served all the needs of the people in the area. There was a chapel church convent and school. Read more at the Mater Dolorosa LINK and read about its Chestnut Street church at this LINK.