Holyoke City Hall

Holyoke City Hall was built in the early 1870s at the corner of Dwight and High Streets.

  • Private GROUP TOUR (COSTS) is one hour long for this Holyoke City Hall and Neighborhood walking tour. It is fully outdoors.
  • A free public tour comes up every five years.
  • A self-tour is available for anyone using the maps and text seen below.LOCATION

Inside Stop 1 – Stained Glass Windows

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See LINK for its history. Samuel West of Boston made the glass. Semon Bache of New York made the plate glass. City hall recently is upgrading its windows since the stained glass and its support has gone down hill. See this LINK to read about the recent repairs to its windows. Three buildings in Holyoke on the National Register have federal Historic Restrictions on it. City Hall is one of those. The reason that a building is placed on such a list is that it accepted federal funds at some point for improvements.

Read about the work of Friends of Holyoke City Hall HERE.

Inside Stop 2 – First Floor

In August of 1874, Charles Atwood was discharged and H F Kilburn hired. Richard Ponsonby was the general manager.

Outside Stop 1 – Holyoke City Hall

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The outer block of City Hall is that of Dwight – Court – Suffolk – High. The panels on the front give the dates and names of various sections.

Sanborn 1884 map

Sanborn 1889 map

Sanborn 1895 map

Sanborn 1915 map

Sanborn 1949 map

Sanborn 1956 map

Outside Stop 2 – Dwight Street Architecture

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The Marble Building at one time was located at the NE corner of High and Dwight. This was a hotel built by John Delaney. Alongside the eastern edge of City Hall was Delaney Court. Across Dwight Street and about 100 feet down hill was the Holyoke Theater. The Holyoke Theater started out as the Holyoke Opera House. It changed into the Holyoke Theater during the movie era and later the State Theater.

Outside Stop 3 – Holyoke Heritage State Park

Read about what was and is now at this park at this LINK.

Outside Stop 4 – Annex

Behind City Hall is the Annex. It had recent repairs to its lanterns.

Outside Stop 5 – Holyoke Police Station

The Holyoke Police Station has been located in many places during the history of Holyoke.

City Hall
City Hall AnnexJuly 8, 1915
165 Sargeant
220 Appleton Street

Outside Stop 6 – Suffolk Street Architecture

Suffolk Theater

Globe Theater

Outside Stop 7 – High Street Architecture

Read about the architecture of High Street at this LINK.

Outside Stop 8 – Temperance Fountain

The Christian Temperance Fountain at Holyoke City Hall is a beautiful display. It was made in 1901 by the Temperance Union. Angelina Worswick (FINDAGRAVE) was the leader of the Women’s Temperance Movement in Holyoke.

May 21 1975 Holyoke news story