Old Spillway 5 and and History of the Canals

The Old Spillway 5 is at the juncture of Appleton Street and Water Street.

This is were the spillway number 5 used to be before it was taken out. Stand on Appleton Street between Water Street and the juncture of North Canal and South Canal Streets. Look to the north. There is the spillway. The water in the Second Level Canal once flowed a half mile farther south. Now this portion is just a safety canal. It is the southeastern end of the Second Level Canal.

The Norman Paper Mill is just to the east.

History of the Canals by their Development in Lengths

First Level Canal:

1847 to 1853 dug to 350 feet north of Dwight Street

1871 to 1872 dug to Appleton Street

1872 to 1880 dug to 75 feet north of Cabot Street

1880 to 1883 dug to Sargeant

Second Level Canal:

1847 to 1853 dug along the western branch from County Bridge to 150 feet north of Cabot and Race

1854 to 1857 dug south to the end

1872 to 1874 dug along the eastern branch from County Bridge to Lyman Street at the River

1880 to 1882 dug along the eastern branch to 600 feet more

1888 to 1892 dug to Appleton

Third Level Canal:

unknown – dug from Race to Cabot

1880 to 1884 dug from Cabot to Appleton

The mill to your west is the Whitmore Paper Mill

The mill to your southwest is the Marvellum or Springfield Photo Mount firm.

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