Saint Brigid’s Cemetery

Saint Brigid’s Cemetery of Easthampton is also called the Immaculate Conception Cemetery and the Everett Street Cemetery.

Read about the history of the Immaculate Conception Church.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church used this cemetery from 1909 to 1924 at which time it made its own cemetery. Read about that CHURCH and its CEMETERY.

The Notre Dame du Bon Conseil Church used this cemetery during all of its history. Read about that CHURCH. The church was formed in 1906.

MAP of the cemetery.

stop 1 – Gates, Signs, and Layout of the Cemetery

stop 2 – Priests Circle number 1

Walshe obituary

Jeremiah Twomey – his burial was at first at the Immaculate Conception Churchyard and then he was moved here.

Father Lenz is here and can be found at FINDAGRAVE.

stop 3 – Babies

stop 4 – Paupers

M J D born 1862 and died 1921. This could be a Martin Dalton or a Mary Dept both of whom died in 1921 in Easthampton. Both buried in this cemetery and both about this age. Neither has a gravestone in the cemetery.

stop 5 – Ethnic Groups

Joseph Philbert Auger – FINDAGRAVE – veteran of the American Civil War

stop 6 – Priests Circle number 2

This pastor area is for P F Doyle. FINDAGRAVE

stop 7 – Interesting Monuments

1936 photo of the cemetery

Once the cemetery had elevated plots. These have all been removed and good that they did since they would have had enough water erosion to knock the gravestones over.

stop 8 – Neighborhood

Across the street is the Everett Street Village. These homes were workers’ homes for the mill workers.

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