Lincoln Street

Lincoln Street of Holyoke has many pretty houses.

The best manner to tour this street is to start at Kennedy Park. At the southeast corner of the park is the former Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church.

stop 1 – Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church

read stop 9 at this LINK

stop 2 – Kennedy Park

stop 3 – Azro Coburn house 

A one block walk up Lincoln Street from the park in a westerly direction is a fine way to view some nice homes. At 98 Lincoln Street is the Azro Coburn house from 1908.

stop 4 – James Ramage

At 104 Lincoln Street is the James Ramage house from 1895.

stop 5 –

At 110 Lincoln Street.

stop 6 – John Williams

At 118 Lincoln Street is the John Williams house from 1893. This is a Queen Ann Victorian home. John was a carpenter and painter with Doane in a Holyoke store.

stop 7 – William Wilson

At 126 Lincoln Street we find the William Wilson house from 1894. He was a papermaker.

stop 8 – Duncan McCorkindale

At 132 Lincoln Street is the Duncan McCorkindale house from 1894. He was a worker at the Parsons Paper Mill and from 1902 until in the 1930s his family lived here.

stop 9 – Robert Sanderson

At 136 Lincoln Street in 1895 the Robert Sanderson house was built. This is a Queen Anne house.

stop 10 – Jens Madsen

At 162 Lincoln Street from 1892 is the Jens Madsen house. He lived here from 1903 to well into the 1940s. For a very long time Madsen had a company called the Anker Printing. Madsen at first lived on Canal Street in South Hadley and was the town’s clerk.

stop 11 – James Morrill

In 1892 at 170 Lincoln Street a nice Queen Anne house was built. James Morrill owned it. He owned a pharmacy on High Street.

stop 12 –

stop 13 – Johnson houses

At the top of the street, the Johnson houses are side by side. Robert’s house is to the right and Charles’ house is to the left. They owned an insurance company on High Street.

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