Kennedy Park


The Highlands have many beautiful mansions and structures. There was great growth in the Highlands when a trolley route was made up Appleton Street and up Lincoln Street. The neighborhood grew so quickly that it needed a school – The Highland Grammar School. The Highland Grammar School was built in 1905. It was a large three floor building.

stop 1 – Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church

read stop 9 at this LINK

stop 2 – Lincoln Street

A one block walk up Lincoln Street from the park in a westerly direction is a fine way to view some nice homes. (LOCATION)

At 98 Lincoln Street is the Azro Coburn house from 1908.


At 104 Lincoln Street is the James Ramage house from 1895.


At 110 Lincoln Street.

At 118 Lincoln Street is the John Williams house from 1893. This is a Queen Ann Victorian home. John was a carpenter and painter with Doane in a Holyoke store.


stop 3 – corner of Waldo and Allyn Streets

This corner has many beautiful Victorian homes. (LOCATION)


stop 4 – Nonotuck Street and Allyn Street

While there are some nice homes along Nonotuck Street, this corner of the park is best to use as a grand entrance into the park’s many sections. The playground area of Kennedy Park comes first. (LOCATION) Then some memorial stones honoring Kennedy and the former Highland School. The school was positioned in the middle of the park. Beyond the park’s center is a modern baseball diamond.

stop 5 – Kennedy Park

The Edward Kennedy Park is now located in place of the school. He was a student at the school and then at Sacred Heart High School. He won the Silver Medal, the Bronze Medal, and the Purple Heart. He was killed in action in Germany on October 31 1944.

stop 6 – Highland Grammar School

The Highland Grammar School opened in 1900 and closed in the 1980s. LINK


[STORY about reproductions of artwork at the Highland Grammar School. Where is this art now?]

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1889 map – not covered

Sanborn 1895 map

Sanborn 1915 map and map B

Sanborn 1949 map and map B

Sanborn 1956 map and map B

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