Burial Grounds of South Hadley and Granby throughout its History

South Hadley and Granby were once joined together. Thus some citizens of South Hadley were buried in Granby cemeteries before there was a Granby.

Saint Rose Cemetery

Notre Dame Cemetery

Mater Dolorosa Cemetery

Precious Blood Cemetery

South Hadley Village Cemetery

Evergreen CemeteryFINDAGRAVE

West Street Cemetery – The Congregational Church of Granby was built along West Street at first. It was later moved to the Commons area. The cemetery started when Granby was formed. The cemetery was formed in 1769. (FINDAGRAVE)

North Cemetery – (FINDAGRAVE) This cemetery started in 1764 only four years before Granby left South Hadley and became a town on its own. My two theories on this cemetery are that either it is a family cemetery started by the Clark family of Granby or it is a churchyard cemetery that was started by families along Batchelor Street that wanted to start a Baptist Church nearby.

Old Hadley Cemetery – Many of the pioneer families of South Hadley continue to use the Old Hadley Cemetery. This is because families that had family members die before 1758 in Hadley would have bought plots in this cemetery.

Gaylord Library Burial Ground – There is only one burial here and that is John Preston (FINDAGRAVE). His relatives refused in 1902 to have him moved out of the Old South Hadley Cemetery. Thus he is alone now. Preston is the founder of South Hadley.

Mount Holyoke College Burial Ground – Mary Lyon (FINDAGRAVE) the founder of the Mount Holyoke College is buried on the campus.


Native American Burial Grounds – There have been four Native American burials found in South Hadley and none found in Granby. All four were moved. They are located at the baseball field of the Plains School, at the former Knights of Columbus building on Main Street, behind the Hockanum Cemetery (but still in S Hadley), and at an unknown residential location.

Old South Hadley Cemetery – This cemetery was moved in 1902 by the town. It was moved since people thought cemeteries were ugly in the early 1900s. It was placed in back of the Evergreen Cemetery.

Pine Grove Cemetery – The burials from this cemetery (FINDAGRAVE) are now mostly in the South Hadley Falls Cemetery. They were moved when James Street was built. Read about the cemetery HERE.

Cooley Chapin Cemetery – This old family cemetery (FINDAGRAVE) was moved from High Street of South Hadley in the early 1900s. The burials and stones were placed into the South Hadley Falls Cemetery.