Batchelor Street Cemetery

The North Cemetery (Batchelor Street Cemetery) was started in 1764. Since Granby was incorporated as a town in 1768, North Cemetery was on South Hadley land for its first four years. This is a family cemetery. There were several families that settled in this part of Granby in order to form a Baptist Church but the church was never built. This cemetery might have been a churchyard cemetery but many of those Baptist families moved to land close by in Belchertown or in Wilbraham to form a church. The West Street Cemetery was not formed until 1769 so this North Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Granby.

Prove of this is that the two children of the reverend Seth Clark and Mary Edwards his wife are in this cemetery. The children are Levi Clark (FINDAGRAVE) and Ruth Clark (FINDAGRAVE). Once Seth Clark had an inclination toward being a Baptist minister, he would have the inclination to moved away from the Congregationalists and also to form a new church, village, and cemetery. The church never formed in Granby but he did move to Wilbraham to be a Baptist minister. The village and cemetery did form in Granby along Batchelor Street. The children Levi and Ruth were born in Wilbraham but they were buried in Granby. This strongly suggests that there was a family member that died in Granby and was buried here in 1861 to 1864.

Elliot Ferry

Elliot Ferry died in 1862 in Annapolis Maryland in his 20s. He was a soldier for the Northern forces.


Ashael Smith

Lifelet Green


George WeatherbyFINDAGRAVE

Martha Bell Ayres

Second oldest burial in the cemetery. FINDAGRAVE

Eunice Preston

Eunice is the 2nd great granddaughter of John Preston the founder of South Hadley and Granby.

Electra Barton Preston


Gad Preston

Gad was the 2nd great grandson of John Preston of South Hadley fame. FINDAGRAVE

Hunter family

Luther Newell and Polly

The Samuel Ayres and Martha Bell house is at 218 Batchelor Street. – FINDAGRAVE – Martha is buried at the North Cemetery. The house is a mid-1700s colonial house in the salt box style. Macris PDF

The Eleazer Ayres and Sybill Clark house is at 232 Batchelor Street and is from 1762. – FINDAGRAVE

The Eliphalet Green and Mercy Selden house is at 326 Batchelor Street. – FINDAGRAVE

The David Smith Cook Jr. and Lucinda Taylor House is at 7 School Street. – FINDAGRAVE

The Asahel Smith and Elizabeth ? house is at 117 Batchelor Street. – FINDAGRAVE – The house is a mid-1700s colonial house in the salt box style.

The John Warner and Margaret Shumway house is at the same address but with a red barn added. – FINDAGRAVE

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