Holy Mother of Rosary Church

The Holy Mother of Rosary Church was chartered in March of 1897. Its first mass was in October of 1898.

The initial thoughts of having a new parish were from 1896. Land was purchased on Bell Street on January 5 1897. Plans were formulated on Jan 11 of that year. The first pastor was named on Jan 17 of 1897. Masses and ceremonies were held at the Daniel Twarog house at 21 Chicopee Street. There was a ceremony for the installation of the church bell on September 29 1901.

At first Independent Polish Roman Catholic Church of Holy Mother of the Rosary was used as the name but on June 7 1911 the name was changed to Holy Mother of Rosary Polish National Catholic Church.

The church has a web page EXTERNAL LINK.

In 1917 a building behind the present rectory was bought and used as a social hall.

Polish National School

The parish school hall had its cornerstone blessed on June 20 1937 and dedicated on September 26 1937. The School of Christian Living was started Oct 31 1954.

first pastor and then bishop – Walenty Peter Gawrychowski – FINDAGRAVE

pastor Rev Robert M Nemkovich from February of 1968 onwards

Holy Mother of Rosary Church had a fire on April 9 1933.

This church owns the cemetery Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery.

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