Steiger Building

The Steiger Building is from 1899. It is located at 259-271 High Street. It was started by Albert Steiger the department store magnate. The building was made in the Beaux Arts style as was the Childs and the Woolworth’s Building.

Albert Steiger also had a home on Mountain View Drive that had its landscape designed by the Olmsted Brothers from 1924 to 1926.

The Grand Army of the Republic Hall was here at 271 High Street in 1900.

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Also the Daughter of St George met here in 1900.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map

Sanborn 1889 map shows a 1 story and a 4 story called the Preston Block

Sanborn 1895 map shows a 1 story building where Steiger’s would be with a 4 story building to its left. Perhaps they added 3 floors to the smaller one and put a new facade on all. It is still called the Preston Block.

Sanborn 1915 map shows that he had already bought out the Childs building and connected it on the 2nd to the 4th floors.

Sanborn 1949 map shows that Steiger’s Department Store now had grown over to the Frank Taber with connection on the upper floors

Sanborn 1956 map show that they took over the Woolworth’s Building during the 1950s and connected all three upper floors

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