Sesquicentennial of Holyoke

The sesquicentennial of Holyoke is in the year 2023. Holyoke Preservation Trust will be hosting events and tours for that special year. One thought is to break events into 6 themes based upon the 6 themes depicted in the stained glass windows of Holyoke City Hall.

canalHolyoke Canal tour
millsmill tours
commerceHigh Street tour
arts (visual and literary)

It is also the 100th anniversary of Community and Anniversary Fields.

It is also the 150th anniversary of Ashley Reservoir and of the Sisters of Providence arrival in Holyoke (and thus of the Providence Hospital). The Precious Blood Cemetery in South Hadley turns 150. The Farr Alpaca, the Massachusetts Screw Company, the Newton Paper Company, and the Excelsior Paper Mill all turn 150 in 2023.

It is also the 175th anniversary of the Holyoke Canal System.

Past celebrations of Holyoke’s anniversaries:

25th year

50th year – Semi-Centennial

75th year

100th year

there was no 125th year celebration

the 150th year anniversary is in 2023

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