Schools of Holyoke

Lovering School

The Schools of Holyoke are numerous through history.

North Chestnut Street SchoolLINK1852contains high school 1852 to 1862
Lyman Street SchoolLINK18621901
Elm Street SchoolLINK18621898high school
Carlton Street SchoolLINK1865
Ewingville SchoolLINK18651921
West Holyoke SchoolLINK1867
Appleton Street SchoolLINK1867
Park Street SchoolLINK1868
Sargeant Street SchoolLINK1869
East Dwight Street SchoolLINK1880
Nonotuck SchoolLINK1883
South Chestnut Street SchoolLINK1885
Hamilton Street SchoolLINKMay 1887
Elmwood Street SchoolLINK1887
Bridge Street SchoolLINK18941907
West Street SchoolLINK1896now Kelly School
Back Street SchoolLINKserves Ashley
Ingleside SchoolLINK
Highland Grammar SchoolLINK19001980s
Morgan SchoolLINK
Kirtland SchoolLINK

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