Holyoke Municipal Milk Station

The Holyoke Municipal Milk Station was part of the Child Welfare Commission.

This Milk Station was at the southwest corner of South Bridge and Sargeant Streets. (34 to 36 Sargeant Street) It was started to help mothers get pure milk for their infants. From October of 1923 it was located at 17 Spring Street and there it was called the Municipal Child Health Center and Milk Station. The annual Holyoke City Report mentions the Milk Station in 1928 but not in 1929 so it might have been fully integrated into the Child Welfare Department in that year. All reports from 1930 onwards do have the Milk Station in the Child Welfare Department. In 1934 the Milk Station Laboratory and Center were terminated for good. One reason was a positive reason and the other negative. The increase in home instruction had led to mothers’ being independent but on the other hand the worldwide depression had caused a lack of money. [The Milk Station Laboratory was where milk formulae were made.

Sadie Leion was the first nurse and social worker at the milk station.

There were many substations of the milk station around Holyoke:

  • Hebert Drug (Ely)
  • Rigali Fruit (Lyman)
  • Demenei Fruit (Sargeant)
  • Martin’s (Hampden)
  • Schmitter Drug (South Street)
  • Ridgewood Pharmacy (Northampton Street)
  • Mielke Filling Station (Main)
  • Curran Brothers (Main)

Most very large city across the United States had milk stations in the 1910s. Read about the New York City one HERE in a complete analysis. Also HERE and HERE and HERE

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