Olcott Falls Canal

Carey Atlas of 1795

The Olcott Falls Canal in Wilder Vermont and in New Hampshire is the 6th of the six navigational canals of the Connecticut River that you meet as you go from south to north on the river. It is the 5th one of the six built. It was completed in 1810 and lasted until the 1850s. It is only a few feet in length and had five locks to lift it 40 feet. This canal is located about 2 to 3 miles north of White River Junction of Vermont. It bypasses the Olcott Falls by using the New Hampshire side of the river.

On October 21 1795 Vermont granted permission for the canal. On June 12 1807 New Hampshire granted permission for the canal. Mills Olcott completed the canal with locks in 1810. It was profitable the first years. When the railroad was built along the river, the canal fell into disuse.

Once a boat is past this falls, then they could approach the base of the Fifteen Mile Falls. This Fifteen-Miles Falls was never canalized since the falls is 20 miles long and has a drop of about 180 feet in height. This long falls is in Barnet Vermont. Boats could now navigate the Connecticut River from Hartford Connecticut to Barnet – 220 miles above Hartford.

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