Navigational Canals of the Connecticut River

My modifications on a US Fish and Wildlife Service map.

1793 map of Vermont

1794 map of Vermont

1817 map of Vermont

The navigational canals of the Connecticut River were made to allow transport of goods from Long Island Sound to upper Vermont without portage. At the end of the canal days, one could go from Old Saybrook Connecticut to the Wells River in Vermont 280 miles upstream. This was a difference in elevation of 500 feet.

canalLINKlocationstartsendslengthfalls (feet)locks
1Enfield Falls CanalLINKWindsor Locks Connecticut18291970s5.25 miles304
2South Hadley Falls CanalLINKSouth Hadley Massachusetts179418622.5 miles5810
3Turners Falls CanalLINKMontague Massachusetts179818563 miles5510
4Bellows Falls CanalLINKRockingham Vermont180218580.5 miles529
5Sumner Falls CanalLINKbetween North Hartland and Hartland Vermont1803 to 18061856feet122
6Olcott Falls CanalLINKWilder Vermont and New Hampshire1810feet405

Farmington Canal – external VIDEO

Farmington Canal – 1840 map

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