LaFrance Block and the LaFrance Building

The LaFrance Block at 405-411 High Street was made in 1907 in the Romanesque style. At first it was called the Hotel Leon. It once was a five story structure but had to be changed to three stories. By 1930 it is being called the Potolski Block. Then it was demolished.

This building once held the Grand Theater from 1909 to 1919.

Lafrance Building (Hotel Essex) at 400 High was across the street from the LaFrance Block. It was built in 1907 in the American Renaissance style. It served as the residence for many of the actors and actresses in the theaters around Holyoke. Clearly, it mostly served the Grand Theater and the Empire Theater that were across the way. POSTCARD

Look at the wonderful ad that they had in 1915

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By 1930 it is being called the Hotel Grand.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map shows an empty city block

Sanborn 1889 map shows the Coughlan Block at 407 High

Sanborn 1895 map shows the Grand as the Flanagan Block and the Hotel Essex as 4 wooden structures in row – restaurant – tailor – photographer – cobbler (L to R)

Sanborn 1915 map shows the 8 floor Hotel Essex across from the Grand

Sanborn 1949 map

Sanborn 1956 map

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