Doyle residences

In 1928 the family lived at 130 Waldo Street for that year only.  It signifies their move from an apartment (at Thorpe) to a home but they did not own that house.  In 1929 they had moved again to Clinton Street. The grid below is the residences of the Doyle family from their youth to their deaths.

he at 173 Elm Street and she at 191 Dwight Street1905
104 Beech Street1906
783 Dwight Street1910
354 Hampden Street1915 to 1916
7 Thorpe1918 to 1927
130 Waldo Street1928
9 Clinton1929 to 1930rent
18 Lynwood Avenue1935

Sanborn map analysis of 132 Waldo Street:

Sanborn 1915 map

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