History of Fire Fighting in Holyoke

The history of fire fighting in Holyoke is vast. There are still many of the old station around Holyoke along with the new. The first motor fire truck (steam-driven) was in 1901. The last horse driven fire truck was in 1922. The table on this page gives the stations around Holyoke through time.

1Central Fire Station (number 1)206 Maple Street19142001link
Central Fire Station (number 2)High Street2001still
Reliance Fire Station (number 1)High Street18641886
Reliance Fire Station (number 2)310 High Street18861914
4Mount Tom Fire StationCanal Street18871976link
2Mount Holyoke Fire Station450 Main Streetlink
Relief Fire Station 1 1870link
Relief Fire Station 21891link
5Elmwood Fire StationSouth Street1891link
7Emerald Fire StationChestnut Streetlink
3Ward Seven Fire StationWest Hampden Street18841969link
Homestead Fire StationHomestead Avenue1962stilllink
Whiting Fire StationWhiting Farm Road2003still

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