Burial Grounds of South Hadley and Granby throughout their History

Burial Grounds of South Hadley and Granby throughout their History

I have presented Burial Grounds of South Hadley throughout its History in the past and the outline is available HERE.

The are two burial grounds in Granby – West Street Cemetery and Batchelor Street Cemetery (aka North Cemetery).

The West Street Cemetery was founded while this land was still part of South Hadley. It is a churchyard cemetery since it is very close to the former Meeting House (or Congregational Church) that was on West Street. The old part of this cemetery is on land donated by James Smith on July 10 1769. There might be some earlier burials since he was letting people be buried on his land. Granby Girl is buried here. (Her LINK) Also here are two Granby hit and run victims. (LINK)

Batchelor Street Cemetery (aka North Cemetery)

The North Cemetery was started in 1764. Since Granby was incorporated as a town in 1768, North Cemetery was on South Hadley land for its first four years. This is a family cemetery. There were several families that settled in this part of Granby in order to form a Baptist Church but the church was never built. This cemetery might have been a churchyard cemetery but many of those Baptist families moved to land close by in Belchertown or in Wilbraham to form a church.

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