West Street Cemetery

West Street CemeteryFINDAGRAVE

Corbin analysis

Granby was formed June 11 1768 from the eastern portion of South Hadley. Granby had been settled in 1727. The West Street Cemetery in Granby was founded while this land was still part of South Hadley. It is a churchyard cemetery since it is very close to the former Meeting House (or Congregational Church) that was on West Street. The old part of this cemetery is on land donated by James Smith on July 10 1769.

There are two reburials from the Old South Hadley Cemetery when it was moved from 1903. These are confirmed.

Samuel Dickinson husband of Esther White Dickinson – FINDAGRAVE – stone is there

CORBIN Collection CARD

Samuel Moody – FINDAGRAVE – no stone

The apparent burials that are older then 1769 are most likely reburials from the Old South Hadley Cemetery when it was moved from 1902. These are:

Mehitable Smith Taylor wife of Ebenezer Taylor – FINDAGRAVE – no stone

Ebenezer Taylor Junior – FINDAGRAVE – stone is there

Infant Son Taylor – FINDAGRAVE – no stone

Elizabeth Smith Negrus – FINDAGRAVE – stone is there

Rocce Smith – 1769 – FINDAGRAVE

The North Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Granby. The cemetery is from 1764 and the West Street one is from 1769. North Cemetery

Granby Girl is buried here. (Her LINK)

Also here are two Granby hit and run victims. (LINK)

Joseph Taylor died in Maryland in 1864 during the American Civil War.

Myron Pease is buried in Lynn Massachusetts but has a cenotaph in Granby.


William Dewitt


John Chapin – died in 1780 during the American Revolutionary War

Benoni Kellogg


Deacon John Moody

Phineas Smith

Some of the old burial of people in this Second Parish neighborhood are:

Chester Smith – FINDAGRAVE


Timothy Smith and Hannah Moody – FINDAGRAVE


Sophie White Smith – age 2 – FINDAGRAVE

Phebe Tufts is a cenotaph – CORBIN

Sylvester Breed Barton – FINDAGRAVE

Clarissa Warner Burnett

Deacon William Eastman

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