Saint Mary’s Church Campus

Saint Marys Church Campus

Church – Bartlett Street

Saint Mary’s Church was made in 1885 as a neo-Gothic style. The first Saint Mary’s Church was opened in December 1854 and burned in 1881.

Convent – 86 Mechanics Street

Saint Mary’s Convent was made in 1909 in the Colonial Revival style.

Saint Mary’s Parish School – 35 Bartlett Street

The school was constructed in 1898.

Parish House – 24 Bartlett Street

The Saint Mary’s Parish House was made about 1894.

Saint Mary’s High School – 27 Bartlett Street

Saint Mary’s High School was made in 1922.

Saint Mary’s Cemetery

The cemetery most likely opened in 1862.

Sanborn map

1910 church and 1910 school

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