Providence Hospital

Hospitals of Holyoke

House of Providence Charity Home opened in South Hadley in 1873.  It is still there located on Crescent Lane.  It was the first Catholic hospital in Western Massachusetts ever. It was at first called the Asylum of the House of Providence and was staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Providence at the parish house of St Patrick’s Chapel. From 1875 to 1878 it was again a hospital – a contagion hospital.

The House of Providence Charity Home opened in Holyoke the next year – 679 Dwight Street (the Parsons House at the corner of Dwight and Elm).  It was a wooden structure until 1893 when a three story brick structure was built directly in front of that home.

In 1940 a pharmacy and a laboratory were opened behind the hospital. 

Then it ended up in the Brightside Neighborhood. The hospital was served by the Sisters of Providence. The move to the new one took place on May 31 1958 (work had started September 8 1956).

All was run by the Sisters of Providence. Superiors were:

Sr Mary Anthony1908
Sr Mary Visitation1917

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